Smart phones like the HTC Freestyle and social networking go hand in hand for the simple reason that they allow you to obtain permanent connections to the internet wherever you go, which is great because it means that you can always stay in touch and up to date with friends and with whatever is happening in your social sphere. If you're constantly connected to the internet, it's easy to be updated as long as your phone has enough battery and signal strength to stay online.

It's obvious that Facebook for Android is the most popular social networking application for the HTC Freestyle. As the name implies, the app is essentially a Facebook front end for the Android platform, which is just another way of saying that it is a way of connecting to Facebook easily on the phone. Through Facebook for Android, it's very easy to maintain friendships and communication with pen pals and share any information you might have about yourself or about them.

While the Facebook application is already installed with some devices, the HTC Freestyle doesn't have it and it's really easy to install it. The Facebook application has the right features for Facebook lovers, and the programmers take the right steps in keeping the application updated. The app itself is essentially a flow of information directly from your Facebook News Feed. This allows you to share status updates from the main screen, check out information added to your News Feed, browse the walls and user information of friends, family, and strangers, upload embarrassing pictures, and share and check out links posted to the site. It is essentially a miniaturized version of Facebook.

TwitDroid is another popular social networking application for the HTC Freestyle. TwitDroid is the standard application on Android for access to the super popular Twitter network. All of the well known features of Twitter are supported on the app, as are functionalities attuned to the specific capabilities of Android compatible smart phones such as the HTC Freestyle.

It's obvious that the HTC Freestyle is a great smart phone choice with great social networking capabilities. Regardless of which apps you select to facilitate your social networking, it is worth keeping in mind the wide range of HTC Freestyle accessories that are available for purchase to help enhance your social productivity. One example of such an accessory is a HTC Freestyle case, while another is a HTC Freestyle battery.